JFrog Academy Training Day 2023

Sept 12 | Signia by Hilton San Jose
Learn JFrog solutions & speed up your software delivery

What is JFrog Academy Training Day?

Are you looking to get the most out of JFrog’s products? Then you need to attend JFrog Academy’s Training Day. With small class sizes and the personal attention you deserve, you can deep dive into JFrog products like Artifactory, Xray, Pipelines, and more, all taught by JFrog Product experts who can help you find solutions to your organization’s software supply chain needs. JFrog Academy’s training sessions are designed for a wide range of professionals, including those in DevOps, DevSecOps, and administrator roles. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user of JFrog products, there’s a session for you. JFrog Academy Training Day is conveniently co-located with swampUP 2023 at Signia by Hilton, San Jose, CA on Wednesday September 13th.




Evolving from DevOps to DevSecOps with the JFrog Platform

Narasimha Pai| Senior Solution Engineer, JFrog
Rakesh Krishna | Senior Solution Engineer, JFrog
End-to-end supply chain security requires vigilance. This starts before the developer calls an external package, through proprietary code development, code compiling, interim builds, and the pipeline to release and distribution, all the way to production and after deployment. This is a unique full-day course, featured only at Training Day for the first time In this training, we’ll identify a typical Enterprise Software Supply chain and its risk for attack. We’ll also discuss ways to enable end-to-end vigilance for software supply chain risk management.

By the end of this training, you should be able to:

  • Understand what software supply chain is, what it is made of and how to secure it end to end. This includes securing Open Source components, Configurations and IaC.
  • How to gain visibility into the dependencies being used, packages being developed and gate keeping them based on vulnerabilities , license compliance and operational risk to ensure safety.
  • Learn various tools that the JFrog Software Supply Chain security platform offers and how to onboard them.

Who should attend?

  • Developers looking to implement shift-left best practices
  • Application Security Engineers looking to save time while reviewing security violations in the software supply chain
  • Build and Release Engineers exploring SBOM generation and export capabilities
  • DevOps Engineers onboarding application security best practices

JFrog Platform Essentials

Richard Clark | Solutions Engineering Manager, JFrog
Selva Sabapathy | Senior Solution Engineer, JFrog
In this hands-on session, you’ll learn the basics of JFrog Artifactory, JFrog Xray, and JFrog Pipelines to accelerate your organization’s DevSecOps journey. You’ll be exposed to configure repositories, store OSS and custom artifacts using popular CI servers, scan stored artifacts, and automate CD pipelines using REST API, JFrog CLI and JFrog AQL. Included are strategies to secure artifacts in various phases of SDLC, and advance your DevSecOps journey with JFrog Xray and JFrog Advanced Security (JAS), and integrate with JFrog Ecosystem tools to “Shift Left”.

By the end of this training, you should be able to:

  • Acquire fundamental knowledge of JFrog’s key tools such as Artifactory, Xray, Distribution, Pipelines, and Connect, which can help expedite their organization’s DevSecOps progress.
  • Gain hands-on experience in configuring repositories, storing both open-source software (OSS) and customized artifacts with widely-used CI servers, scanning stored artifacts, distributing authorized artifacts, and automating continuous delivery (CD) pipelines with REST API, JFrog CLI, and JFrog AQL.

Who should attend?

  • Engineers in SDLC Phases: Development, Automation, DevOps, and SRE
  • Security Engineers who want to secure their software supply chain with the JFrog Platform

JFrog Platform Automation

Maharshi Patel | Senior Solution Engineer, JFrog
Erik Adelson | Solution Engineer, JFrog
In this hands-on training, you’ll learn how to automate processes in JFrog Platform (Artifactory, Xray, Distribution) using REST API, JFrog CLI (a swiss army knife that simplifies many of the day-to-day DevOps operations) or Terraform provider. Artifactory processes such as configure repositories, role based mechanism, create JFrog Project, integrate Artifactory with build server and push/promote artifacts to higher environments, etc. JFrog Xray processes like create policy (Security, license, operational, etc) and watch, scan artifacts/builds, generate reports on vulnerabilities/compliance/operation risk, etc. In JFrog Distribution, create release bundle and distribute to edge as immutable object.During the session, we will also go over the best practices that enterprise organizations are following to secure their supply chain using automation.

By the end of this training, you should be able to:

  • JFrog platform administrators will be able to use these automation processes to manage their platform configuration
  • Developers will know how to pull OSS artifacts from the JFrog platform and remediate vulnerabilities or compliance risk during their development phase.
  • Security teams will be able to create processes to take automatic actions based on the criteria as well as generate reports (Vuln, compliance, SBOM)

Who should attend?

  • Developers
  • Release Engineers
  • Artifactory Administrators who have some experience using the JFrog Platform and are familiar with basic JFrog Platform concepts and usage
  • This training requires prior scripting, REST API, and curl knowledge

Multisite Use Cases With the JFrog Platform

Shubha Gururaja Rao | Director of Solution Engineering, JFrog
Anantha Kalusivalingam | Solution Architect, JFrog
JFrog makes it easy to develop and deploy across multiple locations. In this training, we’ll examine how multiple teams can have the required binaries locally available, how access control across sites can be managed seamlessly, and also learn about different software distribution patterns. We’ll also discuss how JFrog can help businesses with Disaster Recovery (DR), which is important for business continuity. By the end of the training, participants will know how to design the right architecture based on team structure, deployment needs, and business continuity requirements in the most secure way.

By the end of this training, you should be able to:

  • Understand how to design architecture based on team structure, deployment needs, and business continuity requirements.
  • Identify best practices in architecture and use for capabilities in JFrog Artifactory Pro and Enterprise editions.

Who should attend?

  • DevOps Engineers
  • Site Reliability Engineers
  • Software Delivery Architects
  • Operations teams

Introduction to DevSecOps With JFrog Xray

Asim Parekh | Solution Architect, JFrog
Kushal Madireddy | Senior Solutions Engineer, JFrog
Securing your software supply chain is an increasingly complex problem with evolving attack methods and a mix of security point solutions, which can leave you with security blind spots and gaps across your supply chain. This training will discuss how JFrog Xray can help with DevSecOps, how it integrates with the JFrog Platform to secure builds and artifacts, and how to create different policies for different stages of the CI/CD process. We’ll show how to use Xray’s integration with IDEs and CI Servers to reduce risk, speed up development, and ensure reliability in production.

By the end of this training, you should be able to:

  • Understand the impact of these components on production system quality, performance, and architectural changes
  • How to use Xray’s integration with IDEs and CI Servers to reduce risk, speed up development, and ensure reliability in production
  • Identify container security, why it’s different, and how to streamline security and governance for cloud-native apps
  • Roll out security best practices throughout their organization

Who should attend?

  • Developers
  • Release Managers
  • Automation Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers and Software Security Personnel who want to gain a basic understanding of JFrog Xray

Co-located with swampUP 2023

Sept 13 | Signia by Hilton San Jose

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Maharshi Patel

DevOps Engineer, JFrog
Maharshi is an Engineer on the DevOps Acceleration Team at JFrog. Maharshi has around 12+ years of experience working across all the phases of SDLC process building web/mobile, infrastructure services. In his free time, he likes to play sports, hike and traveling.

Bill Manning

Solutions Engineering Manager, JFrog
Bill Manning is a Solutions Engineering Manager @jfrog US .. He has a long career as a Startup Founder and Mentor (3 Acquisitions, 1 Public, and was a venture capitalist). He is also a skilled code and has a vast experience in building out DevOps organizations. He wants to ensure that every company is following down the path of Liquid Software.. In his free time (that is an illusion) he love to spend time with his wife and kids (2 boys) .. play guitar, hike, long distance bike rides, and being near the ocean.


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Erik Adelson

Solutions Engineer, JFrog
Erik is a Solutions Engineer @ JFrog. He has been working in computing infrastructure for the past 20+ years most recently focused on Edge Computing. He is passionate about computing ranging from Raspberry PIs, gadgets of all sorts, and is a collector of vintage PCs.

Shubha Gururaja Rao

Director of Solution Engineering, JFrog
Shubha is a Director of Solution Engineering @ JFrog. With more than a decade of experience working on different technologies and verticals, she is passionate about helping customers achieve the best. Prior to JFrog, she was a Solutions Architect helping some of the largest customers build their end to end IoT Products.

Narasimha Pai

Senior Solution Engineer, JFrog
Narasimha Pai is a Senior Solution Engineer @JFrog. He works together with enterprises to enable faster, secure and reliable software releases by helping them understand the value of JFrog solutions, both from a technical and business perspective and adopt best DevSecOps practices. As a trusted advisor, he works with existing JFrog customers to ensure customer satisfaction and optimal product use and performance. Narasimha holds a Masters degree in IT Management & Consulting and has 15+ years of experience in software development and delivery. During his spare time, he loves to go biking with his son, playing table tennis and dadminton.

Krishna Jonnalagadda

Senior Solution Engineer, JFrog
Krishna is Senior Solutions Engineer on the DevOps Acceleration Team at JFrog. He has has around 15+ years of experience working in software Development and DevOps roles . At Jfrog , he enjoys working with customers in helping them integrate Jfrog DevSecOps Platform to achieve their DevOps vision and learning the new technoligies and market trends in DevOps and Security industry.In his spare time , he enjoys playing/watching different sports and taking pictures

Selva Sabapathy

Senior Solutions Engineer
Selva is a Senior Solutions Engineer at JFrog, Inc. He has extensive experience in Software development, architecture, and DevSecOps. Outside of work, he spends time with kids and enjoys playing games.

Asim Parekh

Solutions Architect, JFrog

Asim is a Solutions Architect at JFrog. He is a creative (with multiple US patents), proactive, hands-on and a results driven engineer/leader with 26 years of experience under his belt. Asim is driven by partnering up with JFrog customers in their journey to achieve their DevOps vision by providing them with the relevant knowledge and training. In his spare time, he enjoys astronomy, drone flying, hiking, sports, traveling, and spending time with his wife and 3 kids.

Tal Etinger

Strategic Solution Architect, JFrog
Tal Etinger is a Strategic Solution Architect @ JFrog. He’s passionate about helping customers in their journey to liquid software, and DevOps in general. Tal has more than decade’s worth of experience in the software industry both as an engineer and as an enterprise architect. Prior to JFrog, Tal was a consultant that specialized in Enterprise Architecture, DevOps and Cloud-Native solutions. In his free time he loves traveling and spending time with his son.

Richard Clark

Solutions Engineering Manager, JFrog
Richard is a Solutions Engineering Manager @ JFrog. He is also an entrepreneur/inventor, ran his own startup in the Internet of Things space, where he holds a couple technology patents and has been a key member of several M&A startups. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking and traveling with his wife and two girls, working on projects with them in his garage-turned makerspace and is also an experienced winemaker.

Jacob Kelly

Solutions Engineer
Jacob is a Solutions Engineer @ JFrog. He has a decade of experience working in different IT roles within software teams. Previous role spent time automating 70+ microservies from homegown deployment solutions to an automated push button deployments in blue green envornments. Wants to bring forth the best solution for everyone he is contact with to help achieve success in the pursuit of Liquid Software.

Kushal Madireddy

Senior Solutions Engineer, JFrog
Kushal is a Sr. Solutions Engineer @ JFrog and prior to this role, he was a developer/architect with product owner experience for more than a decade. Having played pivotal roles in establishing best practices using JFrog Platform, he brings in a unique perspective to help customers unlock the true potential of DevSecOps within their organization. He’s a home DIYer, gadget enthusiast and enjoys automating actions with the push of a button.

Gowtham Neerukonda

DevOps Acceleration Engineer, JFrog
Gowtham Neerukonda is a DevOps Acceleration Engineer at JFrog. A passionate Engineer who has experience in working with Embedded Systems, Application Security and DevOps automation. As a member of DevOps Acceleration team, he enjoys learning new advancements in DevOps world and help Customers embrace the JFrog’s Universal DevOps platform. He enjoys cooking and playing board games especially Catan. His interests also include Volleyball and FIFA(PS4).